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One of the best chicken soups in the world can be found in Sacramento

TasteAtlas, a globally recognized platform for food enthusiasts, has unveiled its list of the most delectable chicken soups from around the globe. Our very own signature chicken soup not only made the list but also clinched an impressive third position!


🏠 At Noroc Restaurant we pride ourselves on serving authentic, mouth-watering dishes that embody the rich tapestry of our culinary heritage. Today, we're thrilled to share some spectacular news that has our little corner of Sacramento buzzing with excitement!


🍜 Zeama: A World-Renowned Bowl of Comfort

We are so proud that our traditional Zeama/Supa de pui cu taietei was acknowledged on such a prestigious platform. If you're wondering what makes this chicken soup stand out, it's all in the authentic ingredients and the love with which it's prepared. Each bowl is a symphony of homemade chicken broth, silky noodles, fresh vegetables, and finely chopped herbs. A single sip will transport you through an explosion of authentic flavors, echoing tales of traditional Moldovan culinary artistry.


🌏 Globally Acclaimed, Yet Feels Just Like Home It's humbling to witness our cherished chicken soup achieving such high recognition on the international culinary stage. The TasteAtlas ranking places the Rădăuți soup in second place with a noteworthy score of 4.6. The top honor goes to the tantalizing tom kha gai soup from Bangkok, Thailand, which received a remarkable 4.7 points. As we celebrate this accolade, we're reminded of the intricate tapestry of flavors that make the world of cuisine so wondrously diverse.


🍲 Zeama: A Fresh Delight at Noroc Restaurant

There's something timelessly endearing about our Zeama. At Noroc Restaurant, our commitment is not just to quality but also to authenticity. Every bowl of Zeama we serve is fresh, conjuring up tastes that are both comforting and "one more portion, please". Our ambiance further complements the experience. Many of our patrons fondly describe our space as "Grandma's Kitchen" – rustic yet cozy, a place where every dish feels like a hearty embrace.

So, for those who have not yet been caressed by the warm, homely charm of Zeama, now's your chance. Experience the fusion of world-class gastronomy set within an environment that feels like home.

Where? 📍 Location: 4715 Manzanita Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608

🎉 Until your visit Bon appétit and... Noroc! (Cheers!)

Disclaimer: When we refer to 'our own soup', we are alluding to the traditional soup recipe from our home country, and not implying proprietary ownership of the recipe itself.

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