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Carbon Film - Premiere in Sacramento - March 11, 2023

Updated: May 1, 2023

After being among the organizers and sponsors of the Carbon Film premieres in Chicago, Miami, Orlando, and Las Vegas, Noroc Restaurant & Noroc Events brings the famous Moldovan movie to Sacramento.

The screening will take place on March 11, 5:00 PM at Esquire IMAX Theatre (1211 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814) and you are invited.

Tickets available:

About Carbon Film:

"Carbon" 2022 is a story about Moldova's absurd past. The film won both the WIP Europa Industry Award and the WIP Europa Award at San Sebastian Film festival and was competing in the New Directors competition of the festival's 70th Edition this year. Moreover, "Carbon" 2022 is among submissions to the 95th Academy Awards for the Best International Feature Film (Oscars 2023).

Official Trailer:

There are few moments in history more unpredictable than those when one regime replaces another, and Carbon (2022), released during the Russo-Ukrainian War at the border of Moldova, stands as proof of this. Set in a village close to the front, the film uses an absurd approach to show how the chaos caused by war can reveal both our inner demons and our deep humanity.


It is the end of August 1992, and in a few days' time, Moldova will celebrate the first anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union. Under the unforgiving gaze of the mayor (Igor Caras-Romanov), who sees the festivities as a means to further his political career, the village is consumed by frenzied preparations. Meanwhile, Dima (Dumitru Roman), a young tractor driver, learns that all of the soldiers fighting for

Moldova in the Transnistria War will receive an apartment in the capital. Dima has no idea what the war means, but the mere idea of the award, which he thinks might impress his girlfriend Ileana (Adriana Bîtca), leads him to implore his older friend Vasea (Ion Vântu), a veteran from the Soviet-Afghan War, to drive him to the front. This is only the beginning of a series of absurd and endearing misadventures.

From the Cinema release date (Oct 4, 2022) in the Republic of Moldova until now more than 70k people already watched the movie. The Carbon (2022) Premiere in Chicago was SOLD OUT in 2 days for a 500 seats auditorium.

Critics say that is one of the best films from the Moldovan film industry in recent years.

What else to say? We feel lucky and proud to be part of the Carbon Film journey!

Looking forward to seeing you on Mar 11 at Esquire IMAX Theatre (1211 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814).

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