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Test your smarts with Sherlock's House - Pub Quiz at Noroc Restaurant in Carmichael

Updated: May 1, 2023

Sometimes, we are caught up in our daily routine, and doing the same things over and over again can become boring after a while. We all need something to spice up our lives, to challenge our minds, we need that feeling that we got a little smarter, and we are winning. Well, we have a great solution that can combine good food with great people and a good quiz night.

We are happy to announce that every 2 weeks, Noroc Restaurant is hosting Sherlock's house - PUB QUIZ. We love to have these amazing people as guests, and we can tell you from our experience that the atmosphere is FUN and Super Entertaining.

To learn more, we asked Evgeny Stifler, the organizer and franchise holder of the House of Sherlock in Sacramento and San Jose, to tell us in detail about Sherlock's house.

What kind of entertainment is this?

"Sherlock's house - PUB QUIZ (bar quiz) is a very popular pastime all over the world!

Sherlock's House is an exciting intellectual game of logic, ingenuity, and horizons with friends in a bar/restaurant in order to have a good time.

  • A game where you need to think and reason logically. If it doesn't work - order an aperitif and try again :))

  • Entertainment for the whole company, everyone can show their talents! Gather a team of versatile personalities, any knowledge will be useful.

  • Not just a dinner with friends, but an INTELLIGENT (!) dinner with friends and the opportunity to win a bottle of champagne to the table. Or maybe not even one...

  • Acquaintances, new information, and discoveries about the world around us.

  • A game suitable for all ages! Want to entertain visiting parents who don't have friends here? No problem! Do you want to come in the evening after work with the children, and not sit at home? Yes please! Or regular gatherings with friends at a bar are boring now? You have to try Sherlock's House! Everyone will find a company with us! We will dilute the routine of weekday evenings, and the work week will seem shorter to you :)

  • And yes, we are really popular. Sherlock's House has more than 20 cities in 8 countries of the world."

Who is the ideal candidate for a Sherlock House experience?

"Everyone who lives in passion and competitive spirit!

  • Anyone who likes to have fun, but is tired of the standard pastime!

  • Everyone who has tried himself and his friends in all active logic games!

  • To all those who are tired of the office and bored from everyday life!

  • Anyone who has many friends!

  • Anyone who has few friends!

  • Married, single, with or without children. Old or young Just everyone!"

What do you need to start playing?

"Just 3 simple steps:

1) Assemble a team (it is possible without a team)

2) Register for the game on the website

3) Take a good mood with you and come to the appointed place, at the appointed time!"

Why visit the Sherlock House?

"A balanced diversity of questions. You will not be able to win by gathering seasoned scholars, but it will also be difficult with a team that plays excellent games of reaction time and logic - it is important to assemble a balanced team that is well versed in different areas.

  • The game expands the horizons and allows you to pump your erudition, logic, wit, and ingenuity.

  • At each game you will be photographed by a professional photographer, and you will be able to share cool photos with your friends on your social networks.

  • The game expands the possibilities of your brain.

  • A great way to meet people you'll be interested in.

  • Convenient system of tours in terms of group dynamics!

  • The team that wins the game gets everyone's respect and a huge bottle of branded CHAMPAGNE!"

How can people find you?

"All information is available on our FB and Instagram pages, as well as on our portal.

Links ⬇️:

We hold our events every 2 weeks, usually on a weekday. All of our events are held in the Russian language. So everyone interested please contact us."

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